Baby Milestones : How Would Baby Trump Do It?

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Let us just say it – babies are wonderful wonderful creatures, but they can be cranky too! And when the daddy of them all-cranky-people, Mr. Trump, talks, it makes us wonder how he was as a baby.

How did he achieve his developmental milestones? Was there a baby journal that Mommy Trump wrote in? What was he like when he achieved those 250+ milestones? Are there memories and special moments of those times?

Fortunately, in a detailed piece of investigative journalism, BabyOnBoard has got exclusive access to Trump’s baby journal where his mommy had neatly put many moments of baby Trump achieving certain milestones. Have a look at what we found:

  1. Between 18-24 months, babies start building towers with 4-8 blocks. This is an important milestone in developing “Fine Motor” skills. How would Trump do it? Check out!                                                                                                                                 Facebook-2_A-1
  2. Have you ever wondered why such playful babies become shy of strangers as they grow up? This is an important “Social” milestone as babies start to differentiate between their loved ones and strangers.Facebook-2_A-2
  3. Do you remember that day when your baby came of age and spoke the first word? What was it? Tell us in comments. This is an important milestone in “Communication” skills. Of course, when Trump said it, it was YUUGEEEE!Facebook-2_A-3
  4. Babies develop their visual capabilities over time and start differentiating between different sized objects. It is quite obvious what Baby Trump thought when he saw the big bad podium!Facebook-2_A-4
  5. In the early development phases, “Fine Motor” skills such as grabbing, pointing and reaching for objects are equally important just like milestones such as tummy time! Babies are often found with their hand in mouth – but Mr. Trump is so different :Facebook-2_A-5
  6. This is the best one yet! Babies always have a fascination with toys and as they grow up, they achieve a milestone by ‘start playing correctly with toys’. But for baby Trump, playing correctly had a notion of breaking any toy he could lay his hands on. Too bad, babies do not have bankruptcy protection. Is USA presidency next such toy? 😛


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