From Cuteness to Outrage : What Baby Photos Can Do!

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Photographs have a power that matches hundreds of words. And when it comes to baby photos, they can move mountains. Baby photos and videos can make you laugh so hard and yet can also make you extremely sad at times.

As a parent, we are sure you often find yourself looking at your baby photos when you are at work or when you feel a bit sad – and there is nothing more comforting than seeing the journey of a life taking shape!

Here is our list of 5 powerful baby photos and videos which made us laugh hard and cry out!

  1. We all remember that one image from 2015 which put the whole refugee crisis in perspective. Poor Aylan! Rest in peace 🙁AYLAN
  2. This photo brought the world’s attention to Africa and its food crisis! All babies deserve a wonderful childhood – if you have some spare income, do consider donating to child right organisations like this one.vulture
  3. Hold On! Life isn’t all sunshine – but it sure is beautiful! Let us step back a bit and smile for a moment. Every year, favorite kid-uncle Jimmy Kimmel hosts a “I ate your Halloween candy” prank and the kids’ responses are hilarious! Check out.
  4. How we wish we can go back to our childhood and live those days again when life was more play than work! There must be a reason why 25M people found this video funny!
  5. And when babies roll, they can even make presidents kneel down!the-60-best-pictures-of-president-obama-with-children.jpg

Let us make sure we leave this world in a better shape than we inherited! Our kids deserve better 🙂

If you liked the post, I would like to ask you a question. Do you journal your baby photos? We suggest you do. It can be an incredible way to time-travel through your journey as a parent.

If you would like us to help, please check our website here and register yourself for an amazing baby journalling experience.



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  1. These are the funniest Videos i have seen today. 😀 😀 😀 🙂
    Thanks for posting them.
    I want to bookmark this website in funny videos 🙂 🙂

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