Is feeding your baby a messy affair?

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Bibs are definitely one of those things that you must have in your baby essentials list.

While bibs don’t prevent mess, they do provide a layer of protection between your baby’s meal and the clothes which they are wearing. Baby bibs come in different sizes, shapes and materials. So, how do you determine which bib is right for your baby?


We have created a super detailed guide on baby bibs that will provide you with all the information you need to find the perfect bib for your baby.

Plain/Regular Bibs

These are the traditional bibs. These bibs lie flat to the baby’s chest and are generally made of either terry cotton or poplin cotton. These are suitable for most uses and are said to be the “all-rounder” bibs.


Feeding/messy Bibs

Feeding bibs are designed to be used for feeding during the messiest of all activities. They can also be called “messy bibs”. These bibs are generally made from an easy to clean material such as rubber, plastic or even neoprene (the material wetsuits are made from) and quite often have a pocket or pouch.

These bibs are obviously suitable for feeding or other messy activities, but their weight and the materials they are made from make them unsuitable for general use.

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Sleeved Bibs

Sleeved bibs take feeding/messy bibs one step further by adding sleeves to the bib so the baby’s chest and arms are fully protected from whatever messy activity they are doing. These bibs are especially great for particular messy meal times or messy activities such as painting.

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Dribble/Bandana Bibs

Dribble bibs are very popular as they are dual purpose bibs. They catch dribble, but also look cool and come in a massive range of designs. Dribble bibs are also referred to as “bandana bibs” because when they are worn they tend to ruffle up like a bandana does.

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Novelty bibs

These are truly amusing bibs in all sorts of shapes and sizes and are generally referred to as novelty bibs. Novelty bibs are based on the basic idea of the plain bib but in an amusing design or shape.


Scarf/Neckerchief bibs

Scarf bibs are a cross between a scarf and bibs. They are basically loops that go around the baby’s neck. These are good in winter for keeping your baby warm.

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Bibs have become now an important accessory and are now an indispensable item for baby care. If your wardrobe is not with plenty of bibs, you have to think now having them. They are such that it helps in keeping the baby’s clothes clean but also matches with the outfit the baby is wearing.

By now you might have discovered that the most important time to make use of this accessory is the meal time. If you want to keep your baby’s clothes clean then you must definitely think of using a bib as it provides the best possible solution and so easy to use also.

Try these bibs and make the most of your baby’s mealtime.

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