Supplies you need to introduce solid foods

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Introducing solid foods to your baby is really a big milestone. This milestone is a lot of fun and a lot of worry as well.

Remember, you are taking the first steps to helping your little one develop healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime. Ease your mind as you are introducing solid foods and this will also ease the transition to solid foods for your baby.

Kids start eating solid foods by about 6 months of age and parents have a tough time introducing solid foods into their mouth.

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So, when it comes to feeding solids, these products can help prepare you and baby for this new and exciting milestone.

  • Bibs: Bibs prevent stains on your baby’s clothes. They come in different shapes and sizes. Some bibs simply go around the neck and protect the top of the shirt, while others have sleeves and can be worn for more protection. Stock your baby’s cabinet with some of both. There are also cloth or plastic fabric bibs to pelican bibs to catch the food in as if falls. Use of bibs will lead to less clean ups and help you in the transition from breast-feeding to introducing solid foods.

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  • Spoons: Between 7-9 months, the infant learns to cup the tongue for the spoon and close their lips around the spoon to help draw the food into the mouth. Good spoons are key to successful feeding. Spoons with little spoon-heads are perfect to start with.

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  • Sippy Cups with Straws: Introducing a sippy cup or regular cup to your child helps with hand-eye coordination and strengthens his muscles in their lips, cheeks and mouth. The stronger these muscles get the more successful your little one will be at eating.

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  • Small Bowls: Take a small amount of the food and put it in a bowl to feed your baby. Your baby will only be eating about a tablespoon or two of food at first.  Saliva contaminates food and can build dangerous amount of bacteria. So, it is advisable to transfer small quantity of food into a bowl as per your baby’s appetite.

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  • High Chairs: Before baby starts taking the bite one, let him practice sitting on high chairs for a couple of days, adjusting the height of the tray or seat so that it fits him just right. It’s best if your child can sit with you at the table. Mealtime is a social time and it’s good to start this habit early.

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Watching your baby grow and develop is an exciting time. With a road map for what foods you’ll give your growing child and when, introducing solid foods can be easy and approachable for both you and your baby with these solid-feeding products.

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