Prevent diaper leaks with these changing pads

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Baby changing mats are so vital that all mothers would need them from the day the baby is born. So getting ready for motherhood or just experiencing the first few days, changing mats are must-have items and should always be close at hand.

There is whole lot of options available to choose from according to quality and price. There are many which are not so expensive but comfortable enough to keep the baby cozy and safe throughout the day. A changing mat provides a hygienic, effortless alternative to the usual cloth that we spread on plastic/rubber sheets.

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Changing mats are a great option when you want to change your baby outside of home and don’t want to lay her down on any of the surfaces available for changing like changing rooms in airports, restaurants or malls. Just the thought of how many germs infest those areas is enough to never step out of the house.  And this is why a disposable changing mat or a portable changing pads makes infinite sense.

  1. Portable Changing Pad: This is considered to be the best for travel purposes. Pack these portable changing mats for any of your next trips. It simply rolls up, so it is easy to stuff into a suitcase or diaper bag.

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2. Contour Foam Changing Pad: These are the best no-skid option. Rest your baby on this changing pad. The foam pad features no-skid technology on the bottom, so you don’t have to worry about the pad slipping during a messy changing session.

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3. Peanut Changers.  Add a splash of colour to baby’s nursery. They come in many vibrant colors. The unique foam like material doesn’t absorb liquid. Here you have the luxury of skipping the changing pad cover.

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4. Organic Cotton Changing pad: You are going to be changing diapers for the next two years or more. So, if your baby has allergies, this all natural pad is a good choice.

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5. 4-sided contour change pad: Affordable. Comfortable. Easy to clean. These changing pads keep your baby from rolling around at the time of diaper changes, and prevent diaper leaks from spilling on the carpet, or on you.

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6.  2 piece Changing pad set: This is the best choice when it comes to busy moms. The waterproof liner protects the cover from stains and spills, so you don’t have to change or wash it as often.

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7. Two sided contour changing pad: These are certainly the best budget picks.You would want the best for your baby. But, if you are not ready to shell out a bomb for an organic changing pad, this wallet-friendly pick makes a great alternative.

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So are you planning to leave your home for sometime? Buy baby changing mats to give your baby the much needed comfort and safety and also to manage your baby better. What is your experience managing your baby with changing mats? Share it in the comment section.

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