Diapering toddlers – What to know?

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There are so many diapering stages and different challenges for each of them. With babies, your life revolves around feedings and the diaper changes that go with them. But by the time they get mobile and start more and more solid foods, the whole diapering situation has changed.

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With each passing milestone, we need to take care of the changing diaper needs. Consider the following points as you move through the diaper needs of your toddler:

Fit: Even though your baby is getting older, her body probably grows at a different rate than other kids her age. So the age range on a package of diapers may not be the best guide to a proper fit. Instead, check the weight range on the package. When your baby reaches the upper limits of the suggested weight, it’s time to think about moving up a size.

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Making use of Pull-ups: As your child starts potty-training you can begin letting him wear pull-ups, which are diapers that look and feel a bit more like regular underwear. Some are designed to let the child feel a change the moment it gets even a little bit wet, so he can learn when he needs to go to the bathroom. The image on the diaper will also fade when wet. Many diapers are now designed for girls or boys with the absorbency pad placed in the best place depending on gender.

But, before this transition to using “pull-ups”, it is always better to wait until your child can recognize the urge to go and cooperate with sitting on the potty.

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Diaper Rash: As toddlers grow, diaper rash happens less often. But, any child in a diaper can get it. Be sure to keep your toddler clean and dry. If she does get a rash, use plenty of barrier ointment, like petroleum jelly or a zinc oxide cream, and change her often.

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Diaper changes are built for intimacy. And all we need to turn diapering from a difficult, dreaded chore into a mutually gratifying experience is to change our perception, to appreciate the moment as an opportunity for developing a closer partnership with our child.

It will not always be easy. Diapering is not just about getting a job done, or having a clean baby. Our hands are a baby’s introduction to the world. If they touch slowly, gently, and “ask” a child for cooperation rather than demand it, we are rewarded with a relationship bound in trust, respect and the inexorable knowledge of our importance to each other.

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