To buy or not to buy a bath seat…Our take!

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Babies typically outgrow their infant bath tub at four to six months old, which is about the time babies learn to sit up on their own.

One option generally parents  graduate to are bath seats or rings. These help keep slippery babies in an upright position, which is handy when your baby is just learning to balance on her bottom and topples easily. But, it is a matter of utmost importance to know how safe it is to own a bath seat for your little one.

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These are not considered to be safe because they give parents a false sense of security about leaving a baby alone in the tub for a few moments to answer the phone or do some other work.

Even though the manufacturers are creating more stable and safer designs adhering to the issued mandatory standards, it is not advisable to leave the kid unattended when in the bath tub. One should not forget that bath seats are bathing helpers and not safety devices.

Still we have listed few general points to look for when you decide to buy a baby bath seat.

  • Make sure the label says it meets the latest safety standards.
  • Make sure the seat has a T-bar or strap that runs between your baby’s legs.
  • If it’s a model that clamps to the side of the tub, measure the thickness of your tub’s wall to make sure the clamp will fit.
  • Analyze whether your baby fits into it. Please try the fitting before buying the bath seat, so that you are sure that baby can be pulled out easily.
  • Consider a seat that comes with attached toys to make bath time fun.
  • Watch out for rough edges that could scrape your baby’s skin.

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Parents generally seek the safest, most convenient and most budget-friendly items for their young children. Bathtub seats are useful products for parents of infants. They help keep babies safe and protected while moms and dads bathe them. Whatever bath support, bath chair or bath ring you choose to buy, never leave your baby unattended in the bath, even for a few seconds.

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