Traveling with a 3-year-old!

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By age three, your child is becoming an active participant in your travel adventure.

When you are on the planning stage, spend time with him and ask for his opinion and advice in order to understand what he would like to include in his travel bag.

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At around age 3, children begin to grasp the concept of simple games. A trip offers a great chance for your toddler to interact with other children his own age, especially if you’re heading to a family resort or a nature camp. Social interaction is important at this age, so give him some space to approach and play with some new friends.

Keep the following things in mind before you start packing:

Health and safety

  • Make a small information card with your names and contact information and put it in your child’s backpack or pocket.
  • Pack doctor-recommended medications.
  • Carry hats, sunscreen and removable car shade screens for the car’s windows to shield your child’s skin and eyes from the sun.
  • Take blankets and pillows for napping along with you.

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Food and comfort

Carry finger foods such as dried fruits, bananas or whatever your child likes to snack on.

Pack some medium-size resealable plastic bags in your carrying bag. They’re handy for holding messy items like bibs, diapers, wet bathing suits, and all the treasures kids love to collect.

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Games and diversions

You may take some favorite diversions of 3-year-olds like vinyl stickers or suction-cup toys that stick to car windows without leaving marks, books, containers and wand for blowing bubbles, miniature cars or trains, action figures, crayons and coloring books, hand puppets, plastic cut outs. Be sure to also wrap some toys or books.
Bring along a ball for a game of catch at a park or playground along the way.

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Travel gear

Well-traveled parents find the following equipments indispensable on route to their destination.

  • A lightweight stroller that can be carried away in your car trunk or a plane’s overhead bin. You can also drop off your stroller at the departure gate and have it waiting for you on arrival.
  • A diaper bag or backpack for supplies.
  • A car seat.
  • A potty seat that fits onto an adult toilet and is easy to carry.
  • An extra change of clothes for your child and an extra clean shirt for you.

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Start preparing to pack a few days before you travel. Keep a running list of things to bring. Pack an extra outfit for yourself in your carry bag. Prevent leaks by packing medicines and toiletries in resealable plastic bags.

Keep these things handy and have a fun-filled getaway with your kid / kids.

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