Dealing with mountains of baby laundry

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When a baby arrives, parents have to deal with bulk full of laundry every now and then, i.e., clothing, bedding, towels, bibs, car seat and stroller covers, and more. If you decide to cloth diaper, then you have to deal with that too.

Powders have a tendency to leave flakes on fabric that can irritate you baby’s skin. Soap flakes can strip away the flame retardant properties of sleepwear.

It’s become a common knowledge now that conventional detergent used on adults’ clothes, especially the really strong and harsh ones meant to remove heavy stains, are not suitable for washing babies’ clothes.

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If you’re concerned about which detergent to use on your little one’s laundry, you should be looking for all these properties that makes a good detergent for babies.

  1. Gentle on your babies skin:

It is common for infants to suffer from skin allergies, eczma or just have super sensitive skin. Hence, you must be extremely careful while selecting the right detergent or liquid wash for your baby clothes.

Therefore, the more natural your laundry detergent, the less chance of baby allergies.

  1. Natural and safe:

So while shopping for baby detergent you can go for the one having the following labels on the bottle:

  • Paediatrician & dermatologist tested
  • Free of harsh chemicals
  • gentle plant-based ingredients
  • Removes stubborn stains

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     3. Cloth diaper safe:

The whole purpose of cloth diapers is to absorb whatever your baby’s undercarriage throws at it. Unfortunately some laundry detergents actually build up on cloth diapers, which makes your cloth diapers about as absorbent as tinfoil.

Avoiding detergents with oils will go a long way in preventing this problem from ever occurring. Fortunately, all our detergent recommendations below are perfectly safe and effective choices for cleaning cloth diapers. These are easily available on

  • Charlies Soap Laundry Powder
  • Biokleen Laundry Liquid
  • Eco-Me laundry Detergent (in different fragrances)
  • Seventh Generation Natural Laundry Detergent Free & Clear

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Before making the switch from the traditional detergent wash, be sure to test one piece of clothing.  Always prefer using a detergent that’s free of colors and fragrances. Whatever detergent you choose, avoid anti-static products or fabric softeners, which often have chemicals and fragrances that can irritate the skin.

Cloth diapers are needed to be taken special care of as harsh detergents can cause diaper rash. Wash them with mild baby detergent. Also, use hot water and be sure to double rinse each load.

Keep your babies safe and comfortable!

Do post in your views regarding these products.

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