Still struggling to make your infant sleep? Try this hack

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When it comes to getting an infant to sleep, some of us struggle to find a better way to put our little ones to sleep for a longer time. Babies typically need somewhere around 15 hours of sleep per day, but, most of the times it is unpredictable. Hence, today there are varied options of sound machines available on market, to make your life bit easier. It is important to understand how these sounds impact babies, before you include one of those machines in your baby room.

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A fetus starts to hear around eighteen weeks into a pregnancy, when the inner ear and nerve endings in the brain begin to develop further. This allows for them to begin hearing noises well before they are born, which can be a great time to start interacting with your baby.

It has been proven that relaxing sounds can benefit your child in a positive way while they are asleep. Let’s understand some of the popular options.

  1. White Noise: White noise is defined as an equal amount of noise at every frequency that a human can hear. When you hear a change in noise frequency during sleep, you wake up. The same happens with babies. White noise is said to be very similar to womb sounds such as your heart beating, blood flowing, mommy breathing, the muffling sound of mommy’s voice, etc. The constant repetitive sounds of white noise helps your baby stay asleep, which happens to be the most challenging part for a new mother.
  2. Nature Sounds: If you’re looking for the best way to get your child to sleep, nature sounds are the best as they are most soothing not only to little kids’ but also to adults’ ears.
  3. Calming Music: Classical music is a popular choice for mothers that want to add a little music to their little one’s life at an early age. This also helps lower blood pressure and even calm them, as they lay down to sleep. Children subject to background music at nap time were observed to show more significant improvements in sleep efficiency and duration. Classical music has shown to be beneficial in getting preschoolers and toddlers to sleep faster than not using any music at all.

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As you can see, there are several options to help you get your baby to sleep. However, you can probably judge that the best sound machine for your baby to get to sleep quickly is either going to be the sounds of rainfall or that of a calming musical melody. We advise you to listen to a few samples on youtube and determine which one will be best for your baby.

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