Finding a New Home for Our Kid’s Things!

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Is your home cluttered with old baby clothes and toys? We feel your pain. You need free space for new things to come but can not let go of things that made your parenting journey memorable. 

And then there is always the question of money. Why would you just throw away things that you paid a bomb for? 

But then look at it another way – there is a parent on the other side who is equally stressed about the expenses that are always going up. She needs the things you have. Wouldn’t it be nice if she gets some help? 

Hold on a second! You could be the SuperHero she needs right now. What is more, you can also make some money to buy new things for your tiny tot. 

We know your question. How does she find you, right? She can – thanks to SecondCry – India’s first parent only re-commerce platform for pre-loved baby stuff! 

Moms know their journey best and so when Anjali decided to build SecondCry, she knew the exact problem she is solving. And is she successful! 20,000 moms found Anjali’s idea is really helpful and they decided to be the SuperMoms and help others. 

Do you remember Woody from Toy Story? What if Woody could find someone else who will love him as much? That is what SecondCry does. It finds home for things – so they can find the love again. SecondSmiles, anyone?

And as a good Samaritan, you not only earn the karma-points but also the money you rightfully deserve! We almost feel the need to say #MakeParentingPriceless! 

SecondCry represents everything that is so great about being a parent! It is Anjali’s second baby of sorts and she has nurtured it so well while handling the challenges of being a parent herself. Don’t they say that you deliver your best when you are challenged! 

So here is your three step guide to being awesome –

  1. Declutter – your baby deserves new things! Post it now..
  2. Second Chances – give your loved baby-stuff a second life. They will make another childhood a memorable one! Find something for your own.
  3. Feel inspired – you could be looking at a whole set of new opportunities as a parent. So if you face a challenge, solve it for yourself and then build something that all parents can benefit from. 

A bit of self-promotion doesn’t harm. Could we at BabyOnBoard just say that we are working on point number 3? You are going to love it!


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