Safely Sharing Your Baby Photos With Family & Friends

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We launched BabyOnBoard – a baby Memories & Milestones app on October 8th & reached 500 users within 2 weeks of launch. As we continue to talk to our users, one of the important questions they have on mind is about the security of their baby photos.

It is an important issue in the age of “sharenting” –  a new study says that by the time the average child is five, its parents have posted 1,500 images of him or her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like. This is one of the big irritants to people who are just acquaintances and do not like their feed to be swarmed by baby photos.

But more importantly, how safe is it to share the pictures? Once you post a photo on any social media, no matter what your security settings are, you lose control of how the photo will be used. That is why we built BabyOnBoard where you absolutely control who sees your photos. The loved ones are also most likely to express themselves fully away from the glare of everybody you know.

One of the first things we started writing was our privacy policy and we made it clear that photos are owned by parents and they have full control over sharing and editing of images. Also, we allowed both parents to take control of baby photos unlike Facebook where only parent who uploads the picture has control. We are making sure that you always know who has access to your baby photos.

We believe this will go a long way in creating a private space for families to bond over as the baby grows. In fact, we are so happy to have some of the big celebrities in India on BabyOnBoard who are privately sharing their baby photos.

The responsibility of security is something we gladly take. We continue to invest in security and making sure that there are no breaches. Our decision to use mobile number verification instead of email was also driven by the same considerations of security.

Our promise to you: You (and not Google, Facebook or us) will always own your photos. All moments are backed up and synced between your devices. Sleep well knowing your baby-pictures are safe from a computer crash or lost phone or from somebody else’s eyes!”

If you are missing the fun of being on BabyOnBoard, here is a link to our Play Store link:



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