Baby Photography 101

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As a parent, I am sure you want every moment of your little angel captured beautifully. There is so much you already do – you cherish the moment forever with that photo, you share memories with your family & friends. And that is why sometimes, it is time to give some time off to your phone camera and hire a professional photographer for an awesome photo-book of your baby!

I have been doing Baby and New Born Photography for quite sometime. It is now slowly picking up in India. The happiness that I get when I create these beautiful memories for parents is just unique. While adults can be instructed on the posture and expressions during the shoot, we can not do the same with babies. They are truly the directors of their own photo-shoot 🙂

“They are truly the directors of their own photo-shoot 🙂 “

If you are looking forward to hiring a baby photographer, here is how you should do it!

The Half Hour Test

In this case, it literally means how comfortable the photographer is with your baby on the first date! A good photoshoot requires a lot of thinking on behalf of the photographer – for example, the things baby likes to do, hear or see. Does she like her toys too much? Does he like playing in water? Is she already walking and running around? Even an half an hour meet before the actual shoot goes a long way!


Obviously, a trained photographer with the knowledge of lighting conditions, lenses & the best post processing technique will ace the shoot. The best way to know this is to look at the portfolio.

This brings me to the Half Hour Test : Meet the photographer, see if he/she is able to engage the baby and check out the portfolio. If the professional goes beyond albums and narrates the “behind the scenes” moments with enthusiasm, you are good to go!

Celebrating the New Life!

If Baby Photography is like a party in Goa, New Born Photography is like a slow walk in the Himalayas! <better analogy?> From carefully handling the infant to posing them for the camera, it is only the beginning, As infants sleep most of the time and wake up to feed, you really got to be on your toes for the best shots.


Here is a trick – the best time to photograph an infant is between 5-15 days after birth. That is the time when they take really deep sleeps and give those surprise in-sleep smiles. It is also the time when your connection with the baby is best captures on camera! Just like the tender care of those days, the photos will be tender & soft, I promise!

Preparing For The Shoot!

Just like parenting, this one is a toughie! Babies need to be fed before the shoot and should have had enough rest. Make sure you schedule the session when your baby is most active during the day!

A studio shoot will give you more polished pictures as there is a controlled lighting environment – however I strongly recommend that you go for at-home or outdoor-park sort of shoot. The ambient light makes sure your pictures look natural and the settings will also be more comfortable for you and your baby.

Also, birthdays are not the best times to do the shoot if there will be people around. Babies are more comfortable with just their family around and any normal day is the best time to get that professional to create wonderful pictures!


How The Experience Has Changed Me!

Babies change their expression at any moment. A crying baby can become a giggly one in a mater of seconds. The beautiful smiles, the surprised looks, the exploratory gaze and the confused cheeks – doing baby photography has allowed me to explore emotions! Have you seen Inside Out? As a photographer, the movie plays out in my head almost every time I head out to do my job. What a fun job it is 🙂

To all parents out there, I know life becomes busy and overwhelming as a parent! Kids grow really fast and it is worth to preserve these moments before you realise that your little one is not little anymore! But I and some others like me want to help. We help parents to decide on a theme and setting it up at their home. We will also add the required ambience and cuteness to the shoot which helps in depicting a story!

So let us create some beautiful memories for your baby! It will be a gift of the lifetime your kid will forever cherish.

This is a guest post written by Kanika Vats. You can check her Facebook page here.

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