Dreaming Big For Your Children ft Sakshi Malik!

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There is nothing more amazing than seeing the journey of a new life taking shape! And when a person achieves fame and success, we all want to know about the childhood, the sacrifices made and the journey that happened.

Last month has been full of hope and despair as India struggled to achieve a medal at Olympics and finally Sindhu & Sakshi made us proud with their fight till the end! At BabyOnBoard, it got us thinking and we put ourselves in a journalist’s role again  to find out how Baby Sakshi Malik went about achieving her dreams.

Here is what we learned!












Sakshi comes from Haryana and there is so much written about the social problems in Haryana – we just wondered how she overcame the hurdles!

The champions make the best of the situation and make things possible against big odds.










Children have enormous will-power. Just think of the times your baby wants a particular toy! Got my point? 🙂













And babies are willing to put in tremendous effort to achieve what they want!










And when Sakshi achieved her success, she made us all happy!









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As your baby begins the journey towards achieving great things in life, do not forget to script every memory which is leading towards it. When it all sinks in, we are sure even Sakshi would like to take a trip down the memory lane and enjoy the amazing journey she has had 🙂


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